Sexy Funny Raw with Silvia Saige

Straight, Gay, and Everything in Between with Eddie Danger

September 21, 2021

You’ve seen Eddie Danger on Jonny McGovern’s Hey Queen, you’ve seen him on The Howard Stern Show, you’ve seen him make appearances around the nation at about every club, drooled over his too hot for TV Instagram, and you probably have watched his porn a few (or many) times, he unabashedly film regularly with gay, straight, bi, and trans costars, he is literally a spokesperson for inclusive porn. He is renaissance man who has a Masters, is an accomplished poet, published author and a musician.


On this episode of Sexy Funny Raw, Silvia and her guest co-host, Cybersocket Director Alexander Rodriguez, chat with Eddie about sleeping with fans, filming inclusive porn, how mainstream porn is changing, early career, and love and dating...ending with a sexy rapid fire finale. It's a hot listen, tune in!

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