Sexy Funny Raw with Silvia Saige

Getting Into The Biz with Kayley Gunner and Jake Nicola

December 21, 2021

On this episode of Sexy Funny Raw, Silvia chats betting into the adult biz with superstar rookie Kayley Gunner and GayVN & Grabby Award winner Jake Nicola. How did they get into the biz? What did they learn most getting into the biz? How has it affected their personal life? We chat all that and more...including Kayley's time in the army dealing with gender equality and harassment, and Jake's dancing career working with some of the biggest names from Gaga and Minaj to Ricky Martin and Ke$ha. We also tackle our Sexy Word of the you know what it is?...with co-host Alexander Rodriguez. Presented by Fleshbot and

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